Closed Beta News!

Attention East Siders,

Last Year: The Nightmare will enter Closed Beta* on November 2nd! The testing period will allow to analyze the game’s performance in a true online environment, gather player data/feedback and make adjustments for its imminent release on the Discord Store. The closed beta will start on Friday, November 2nd at 4:30 PM EST and end on November 5th at 3:01 AM EST

If you’re interested in joining the fun, complete the Gleam Reward Challenge for a chance to get a key! We’ll be giving away keys on Friday as well, so keep an eye on our social feeds and Discord server.

Speaking of our Discord server, we invite you to join and share your experience with us during the beta. We expect all sorts of things to happen (bugs, disconnects, etc) so keep that in mind when playing. Your feedback and understanding is important. To help you prepare, here’s a list of known issues:


  • Intermittent Network performance issues may create stuttering, warping or delayed actions
  • When connecting to a match in progress, the spectator may experience audio mixing issues
  • Ping from the Server browser may not indicate accurate latency
  • Gamepad Functionality is not present in several menus
  • Cinematics do not load the textures immediately
  • Occasionally objective markers may get stuck
  • Characters can occasionally get stuck within doors
  • Certain animations may not play correctly under poor network performance
  • Rare crashes may occur when barricades are destroyed
  • Medic occasionally doesn’t follow the person they are healing
  • VOIP muting functions are not functioning
  • Occasionally the server browser may not display the correct Host Name
  • Strangler can momentarily get stuck in an attack state
  • Ragdoll Character may fall slowly from large heights

Finally, if you’re among those who get a key to partake in the closed beta, feel to stream it. There is no embargo at all! 🙂

* Kickstarter Backers entitled to get an access key within their respective tiers will automatically be sent a key to their KS email.

See you in game!

/ The Elastic Games Team