Release Date Announcement!

Hello everyone!

The entire Elastic Games team is hard at work on bringing version 1.0 of Last Year: The Nightmare to you on our official launch date of December 18, just in time for the holidays. This game has been a work of passion for everyone involved, and we couldn’t be more excited by the warm and positive reception the title was given by this community during the Beta. Being able to see you all enjoy the game, express yourselves through the mechanics, and foster the beginnings of a happy and healthy community was truly a delight for the Elastic Games team.

We believe in pouring our hearts and souls into everything we do, but we also believe that everything can be improved upon, and that two heads are always better than one. As such, we’d like you to know that we were also paying close attention during the Beta to issues you had with the title, and your suggestions on how it could be improved. Last Year: The Nightmare is meant to be more than just a Live Product, rolling out new features and content over the next few years to make the game deeper and richer. It’s meant to be a collaboration between the Elastic Games team and our community of fans and content creators, working together to bring the best possible version of this title to life.

Our intention is to show you that as developers, we value your unique insight into the game, and will take to heart your feedback and turn it into concrete actions to improve Last Year: The Nightmare over the span of its lifecycle. We’ve already begun to address some of the feedback we received during the Beta for launch and will be providing a detailed list of changes and fixes to the game on launch, come December 18.

These changes broadly fall into three categories:

1) Core Optimizations: these are “under the hood” changes, made to ensure the best possible experience during your play sessions. These help reduce lag times, rubber-banding, loading times, connectivity issues, and other general aspects of the experience.

2) Balance Changes: these are meant to ensure that the gameplay is balanced for both sides of the asymmetrical experience. These can run the gamut from small adjustments to numbers and stats, to larger adjustments such as reworking entire items, weapons, or features (I’m looking at you, Shocker).

3) Content Creator Features: we know that our content creators are some of our biggest evangelists and champions, and we want to ensure you have all the features you need to put on the best Last Year: The Nightmare show possible. These features will roll out over time and are based on our content creators’ community feedback. If you’re interested in being a Last Year content creator, please join our Discord server and follow the guidelines.

As stated, we plan on launching with a detailed list of changes, optimizations, and general bug fixes to show that when we say our community matters to us at Elastic Games, we mean it. In addition, we’ll be providing at launch a roadmap of things to come for Last Year: The Nightmare in 2019, which includes a home console release among other cool things. This title is going grow over time, and everyone at Elastic Games is committed to making that a reality.

From everyone at Elastic Games: thank you so much for your support, and we’ll see you December 18 for the launch of Last Year: The Nightmare!

Justin Vazquez
Executive Producer