Launch Day: A Heartfelt Note

The first film that scared me to my core was Michael Jackson and John Landis’ Thriller. The sight of my favorite pop star turning into a zombie and the sound of Vincent Price’s maniacal laughter was too much for my young mind to bear. Nightmares of Zombie Michael plagued me night after night, and that cackle haunted me even in my waking hours. Still, I loved the song, and was determined to find a way to snap out of this funk, no pun intended. I forced myself to listen to the song over and over again, especially as I tried to fall asleep. Over time, the fear turned into joy as I mastered the song, learning its every note and beat, its every lyric and spoken word. It was then that I learned a very important, but often difficult lesson to live by: Face Your Fears.

Last Year: The Nightmare has been a labor of love for everyone at Elastic Games, and for all of our treasured partners. The entire team, from the few founding members who have been there from the beginning, to the QA teams and marketing partners who helped us bring v1.0 into your hands, have poured their hearts and souls into this title, which we hope is reflected in the final product. Everyone who’s become a part of the Elastic Games family has had to face their own personal and professional fears in order to be able to give their all to this project. Fears of leaving the comfort of AAA development for an indie start-up, fears of being part of a team that’s never shipped a title together, fears of building something from the ground up, and of course, fears of our hard work not being accepted by the consumers at large.

The only way to truly face your fears is to take a leap of faith. Everyone’s leap of faith is different, but it requires everyone to look fear in the eye, accept it for what it could be, and choose to move forward regardless. Sometimes you do it to see what you’re made of. Sometimes it’s to answer a higher calling. Sometimes it’s to help someone in need. In our case, it’s a little bit of everything. We wanted to challenge ourselves to bring a game to life that was truly memorable and a joy for players to engage with. We wanted to create a game that we believed in, and were inspired to improve upon constantly. We wanted to create a collaborative development experience with a passionate community that we saw was being ignored time and time again.

This is our commitment to you: we will continue to pour our hearts and souls into making Last Year: The Nightmare the best possible experience for all, and to consistently strive to make the game not only larger, but deeper and richer. We will continue to listen to your experience of the title, and do our best to discern what you love about the game and amplify that a thousand-fold. We will pay attention to your discomforts, and continuously fine tune the balance of the game until the day the servers shut down. We will continue to foster an open, respectful, collaborative community by empowering all of you to uphold these standards and be ambassadors for both Elastic Games and Last Year: The Nightmare.

2019 holds its own personal set of challenges that could frighten and fell even the most seasoned of developers. We aim to bring Last Year: The Nightmare to dedicated servers, ensuring not only an optimal and secure experience, but enabling Cross-Play between platforms. We aim to bring Last Year: The Nightmare to as many platforms and consoles as possible, all while maintaining the level of quality we want associated with Elastic Games. We aim to bring you regular content and feature updates, with a deep progression system, new maps, new killers, new survivors, and other new, game-changing features for free, to ensure that this community always stays together for the experience that is Last Year: The Nightmare.

This is all very scary, but exciting. We here at Elastic Games are ready to face our fears and give our all for this game, and this community. We want you to take the leap of faith with us, and come along with us on this incredible journey. It will be difficult, but nothing in life worth doing is not difficult. It will be scary, but we know that fear can only be overcome by working together and facing the monsters head on. Join us on this ride, and we promise that we will be here with you, side-by-side, until the end, no matter what it looks like. We believe that together we can create something truly special, and we know you believe that too.

To quote The King of Pop, from another song on that same eponymous album:

Lift your head up high
And scream out to the world
I know I am someone
And let the truth unfurl
No one can hurt you now
Because you know what’s true
Yes, I believe in me
So you believe in you

– Michael Jackson, Thriller, 1982

Justin Vazquez
Executive Producer, Studio Head