Patch 1.0.1 is live!

Hey East Siders!

We’re thrilled with the reception we’ve gotten so far since launch and are very happy to hear you’re enjoying the game. We greatly appreciate your feedback and thoughts and are working tirelessly to address your concerns. We strongly believe in working together to grow and deliver the best gaming experience for our players. And with that said, here are the most recent fixes we’ve made in the latest update (version 1.0.1).

Please make sure to restart your Discord client (Close and Relaunch Discord)


Issue with floating turrets has been resolved
Collision detection has been improved to prevent users getting stuck between doors / objects
Fixed issue with Killer not being able to pass through doors while in predator mode after respawn
Fixed issue with black screens while in ambush spots. Also preventing killers from initiating an ambush too early
Fixed a desync issue which sometimes caused Killer to become invisible
Quick Match now auto-creates a lobby when no match is found
Additional check to prevent player from being stuck in Giant Thrown
Fixed issue with Players getting pushed with the Taser
UI – Tab screen correctly displays teenagers as alive when joining a match in progress
Minor fixes to chat filter
French Localization Update


The rescue doors may remain highlighted when no one is there to be rescued
*(Workaround: Make sure you see the survivors name along with the highlighted door prior to going for a rescue)
Minor graphical issue on the rescue door frame in the Library
Network Disconnect error message will appear when the Host leaves the game / lobby