Release – Patch Notes 1.0.2

Hope you had a great New Year! We have a brand new update available that addresses the main feedback and concerns voiced by the community through a number of bug fixes, gameplay balancing, and newly added features. We greatly appreciate and value your thoughts and feedback regarding our game as it directly impacts the adjustments we make moving forward. As always, we’ll continue to work and improve upon our base game, as well as creating new content and features to provide for you as soon as possible.

Make sure to close the game and Discord client in order to update the game. Patch size is approximately 1.74 GB.

With that being said, here are the most recent changes in the update (version 1.0.2):


Push To Talk (PTT) Functionality (Feature can be enabled through the Audio Settings)
Shocker stun duration has been decreased / Shocker damage has been removed
Giant Grab / Attacks have been reworked for better functionality and experience
Scrap cost for molotov has been adjusted to 15 for better balance
All explosive damage has been decreased
Fire damage has been decreased
Turret recharge time has been increased
Respawn times for Killers and Survivors have been reworked
Strangler melee attack range has been increased
Strangler hit reaction animation has been made more responsive


General improvements to stability and performance
Fixes to improve network connectivity and reliability
Killer can no longer be hurt by fire during executions
Library – Final rescue room exploit has been resolved
Library – Level design adjustments to prevent exploits in the secret library area
Gym – Lift sometimes killing survivors issue has been resolved
Gym – Collision added to prevent any instances of falling out of world
Gym – Resolved issue of survivors sometimes getting temporarily stuck in classroom rescue door
French Localization Updates


Push To Talk feature is not yet implemented on the Gamepad
Push To Talk feature cannot be mapped to some keys
Hooking a helmeted Survivor with the Strangler sometimes causes the game to crash
Network Disconnect error message may appear when the Host leaves the game / lobby

If you have questions or comments, come hang out in our Discord server and chat with us!