Patch 1.0.4: Features & Bug Fixes

Over the past few weeks, our development team has been working very hard to fully revamp and refine the game engine which we feel will greatly improve gameplay performance and stability moving forward. This was a necessary step for us to set ourselves up for all future features and content. Unfortunately, that means that most of the changes and work put into this patch will not be seen by the players, as it mostly addresses issues ‘under the hood’. That being said, we still made sure to include as many noticeable changes and improvements for you in order to address your most pressing needs and concerns. For instance, we’ve focused on bugs and issues found in the Menus and UI to ensure a clean and smooth experience throughout the game. We’ve also fully implemented the Report and Kick features, both in game and while you’re in the lobby, to allow you to get into games with the players you want.

As always, we look forward to hearing your thoughts and concerns and will do all we can to implement your requests in upcoming patches. Head over to our Discord server and drop your feedback in!


Engine Update (Unreal 4.21.2)
Easy Anti-Cheat integration
Allows for Report and Kick features to be fully implemented throughout the game
Chat system refactored to be more responsive and more user friendly


Fixed issue with Vote killer selecting the same killer twice in a row
Fixed issues where matches were skipped when quitting during loading screen
PTT Keybinding and Toggle settings are now saved until user decides to change them
Multiple fixes to Menu / Lobby UI buttons being unresponsive in certain cases
Removed Gamepad references while in the Menus (as the functionality has not yet been implemented)
Resolved issue where some Match Challenges were not correctly updated


User sometimes cannot interact / complete objectives when Joining a Match in progress
Strangler may become stuck in Predator mode when spamming Chain Attack and Predator Mode
The Killer sometimes gets stuck on a black screen if they exit Predator mode immediately as they teleport
As the Killer, user may lose functionality when spamming select with the Gamepad when spawning in (after being killed)
Proximity mine does not flash for Killer when triggered
While scrolling Leaderboards, “Connection to Internet Required” message may be displayed
Settings – Reset Defaults does not reset the Languages
Settings – Reset Defaults does not reset Vsync
Audio – Killer voice overs / sounds are heard by all survivors across the map when any survivor is attacked
Audio – Hacking computer sound continues to play if player stops the Hack
Audio – Voice Over – Audio from Intro Cinematic in Library sometimes does not play