FAQ – Last Year The Nightmare


What’s Last Year: The Nightmare about?

Putting the emphasis on team-based strategy and objectives, Last Year: The Nightmare is a 6-player online action survival game in which five players work together and attempt to escape while fighting back deadly killers controlled by the sixth.

Each of the five players pick a survivor and a class, while their rival has three different enemies to choose from, each with a unique style of play, signature weapon and gruesome tactic.

Who are these high schoolers? Why them?

Seniors Chad, Amber and Troy as well as juniors Nick and Sam are brought together by this unexpected event and must work as a team to survive and escape. No one knows yet why they are being mercilessly hunted.

What genre of game is it? 

Played in first person view, Last Year: The Nightmare is an online, action survival game. The game is tailored for you to play together with friends. You will meet other people online, and thus have the opportunity of finding other players that match your play style and patterns. You will co-operate to fight against supernatural killers, controlled by another player. Gameplay emphasizes team-based strategy and objectives, such as looting, crafting, skills and weapon types.

Does Last Year: The Nightmare have a particular emphasis on classes?

There are four pre-defined classes available in the game: Medic, Assault, Technician, and Scout. Each comes with a primary item to be used depending of the situation. Players select a class upon match start but can switch to a different one each time they respawn.

What type of weapons are available in-game? 

Survivors can pick up weapons laying around maps. They can also craft new weapons by collecting scrap and using a crafting kit. Around a dozen weapons are part of initial launch batch, including baseball bats, hockey sticks, shotguns, smoke bombs and a kick-ass flamethrower.

You mentioned crafting. Can you share more details on that? 

We wanted to create a fun and dynamic crafting system that fitted within the game’s survival theme. Upon collecting the crafting kit and enough scrap, players can craft or modify certain weapons dynamically on the spot. Depending on the class, different items can be crafted. By doing so, we wanted to ensure the communication quality level between players was a priority in their survival.

What about the Killers’ weapons? 

Killers have their own unique weapon and won’t be able to use anything else. However, they will have the ability to set up wire traps, rig trap doors for survivors to fall in or hide poison gas within searchable areas.

How many different types of Killers are there?

There are three playable Killer archetypes: Slasher, Giant, and Strangler. Each one has a unique weapon and play style as well as a unique ambush spot on each map.

“Predator Mode” is being highlighted as one of your key features. Why? How does it work?

We are fans of slasher films, and we’ve inspired ourselves when time came to make our supernatural killers standout from the bunch. In movies, the killer always appears when the victims least expect it. Same goes here. We wanted to give players the opportunity to not just roam around and attack but have an impact on player strategy and behaviour. By going out of the players’ sight, unspawning and going into Predator Mode, the killer can move faster around the map without the ability to attack. Players can use scare tactics to disrupt other players, set traps, spawn back in specific areas near the survivors or simply plan the perfect murderous attack by using “ambush” spots around the map.

How many game modes are there?

There is currently one game mode at the moment. The Survivors have to complete objectives and escape the scene while being hunted by the Killer. Three maps, all located within the East Side High School campus, will be available at launch with additional levels planned as part of our evergreen content strategy.

Are there any single player elements?

The game is currently – and has always been – designed as a multiplayer experience. However, the door will always be open to new ideas, single player or not.

How does Last Year: The Nightmare separates itself from other titles in the same genre?

Our goal at Elastic Games is to focus on making the best game possible by offering a fun, balanced experience for all players. As a killer, players will need to use strategy by attacking the other players at the right time. Chasing survivors down in an open field is a no-go here. Players are invited to solve a combat puzzle by strategizing on each move. Preying in the loners is one key to success.

When is Last Year: The Nightmare releasing? 

Last Year: The Nightmare will be first available on the Discord Store this fall. The game will eventually be available on other digital stores. Be sure to follow our social media pages to have the latest news.

What is Discord exclusivity and are you Discord exclusive?

Discord exclusivity means the game will be available only on the Discord Store for a certain period of time; it will be available on other stores afterwards. This means our game will be Discord exclusive, but not permanently. Following our official social media pages is the best way of getting the latest news about our game and releases to other stores.

Are there any specific versions available at launch?

The game will be available digitally for US$29.99.

Will you release it on consoles?

We are launching on PC for now. We don’t close the door at an eventual home console release.

Why is Elastic Games partnering with Discord for the launch of Last Year: The Nightmare?

As Discord continues to gather an incredible following within various online communities, it became important for us to include the platform as a critical component of our communication strategy. Not only it will help us strengthen the relationship with our fans but also create meaningful, dynamic synergies with great returns towards our game’s quality.

Our earliest conversations were always circling back to how we perceived community development and we quickly realized that we had common values worth exploring. We are excited and humbled to be among the first games to be available on their platform.

Is Discord the publisher of the game?

No, the game is self-published. Discord is working with us to get the game out on PC.

Will we need to have Discord Nitro in order to access the game? 

No. You will not need Nitro to buy or play the game.

Will the game be available outside of Discord (Steam, GOG, etc.)?

Other digital distribution platforms are being considered, with Steam being our top priority. However, we are focused on our 90 day timed-exclusive with Discord at the moment. Since we don’t have an exact release date for our Discord launch, we can’t pinpoint an exact date for future platforms. Following our official social channels is the best way to get the latest news concerning this topic.

Will the Discord Store recognize my Steam library and vice versa?

Seeing as we are not involved in the development of the Discord Store, it would be a question best directed at Discord and their team of engineers.

Will it be p2p or will there be dedicated servers?

No dedicated servers will be available at launch but it’s something we’re strongly considering for the near future.

Will there be voice chat support?

An open voice chat system is available.

Will players have the opportunity to create private matches? 

Yes, private invite match mode on top of multiplayer lobby for public matches and party system will be available.

What inspired the team to make this game?

We’ve all had these gaming moments when you get to lure and trick someone, or outsmart them, only to go in for a satisfying killing move. Many of our favorite slasher films had that sense of suspense and adrenaline within them. There is no better way to pay homage to those moments in entertainment history than putting them at the core of our experience.

How long has the project been in development?

We’ve been working on this game for three years

The game was funded years ago through Kickstarter. What took Elastic Games so long before releasing it?

Being a small team, going through the game development trenches was a reality that we all had to handle. We wanted to spend all the development time necessary to release a game that was not only functional but optimal and appealing from the get-go. Gameplay basics as well as the formula behind a balanced game need to be tested, particularly for this specific game-genre. In a time where consumers are smarter with their purchases and have hundreds of games to choose from, it was capital for us to pay extra attention to industry trends to better mold our game and its future.

I backed this game and still waiting for my rewards. Is everything good on that end?

Yes, all of your rewards will be honored. As for the most discussed reward (i.e EXCLUSIVE BACKER BETA), we are committed to give some type of early access to those who are listed to get it. While we can’t share all the technical details today, we’ll issue an update in due time as we work with our partners at Discord. Several people have been asking if the Discord key comes with a Steam key. The answer is no.However, all backers will be getting a Discord key on Day 1 and a Steam key afterwards.

If I missed the original backing period, can I back it again? 

Elastic Games will not re-open the backing system. We want to focus our efforts on shipping the game as soon as possible.