Game – Last Year The Nightmare


A horrifying alternate reality populated by otherworldly terrors. A group of teenagers is pulled into a living nightmare after playing a cursed card game. Once inside the world of the game, they are subjected to an increasingly terrifying gauntlet of horror archetypes, from slashers to stranglers, hulking monsters to demonic entities. To escape, they will need to band together, fight back, and face their worst fears.


Horrors living inside The Nightmare, the Fiends are dreadful supernatural enemies whose only goal is to terrorize the Classmates by any means necessary.The Fiends take the form of  quintessential horror archetypes, and each have unique powers, weapons and play-styles.

Decide whether to attack the Classmates head-on, or meticulously plan your attacks by setting up traps,  preparing ambushes, and toying with your prey.


Free content updates in the form of Chapters will bring new, terrifying Fiends and ever-more-dreadful areas inspired by different genres of horror, and more, changing up the gameplay and making Last Year the ultimate multiplayer horror experience.

Fight back!

Pick a class, collect scrap, craft items and weapons and strategize to up your chances of survival. Players can sneak and slash their way through different areas, all while exploring an eerie atmosphere powered by Unreal Engine.